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"Making the grade untangling the myths of raw materials used for the manufacture of cell and gene based medicinal products"
Bravery, C.A., Robinson, S & Burger, S.R.
Cell Gene Therapy Insights 4(3): 207-225

Regulatory rapporteur, May 2015, 12(5), 12 - 16

Christopher A. Bravery, PhD
Stem Cells and Development. January 1, 2015, 24(1)

"The puzzling situation of hospital exemption for advanced therapy medicinal products in Europe and stakeholders' concerns"
Natividad Cuende, Christelle Boniface, Christopher Bravery, Miguel Forte, Rosario Giordano, Martin Hildebrant, Ander Izeta, Massimo Domicini.
Cytotherapy, in press (2014) Volume 16, Issue 12, Pages 1597-1600

Christopher A. Bravery, Anna French
Cytotherapy, in press (2014) Volume 16, Issue 9, Pages 1187-1196

Christopher A. Bravery, Jessica Carmen, Timothy Fong, Wanda Oprea, Karin H.Hoogendoorn, Juliana Woda, Scott R. Burger, Jon A. Rowley, Mark L. Bonyhadi, Wouter Van't Hof
Cytotherapy Volume 15, Issue 1 , Pages 9-19.e9, January 2013

David A. Brindley, Anna French, Jane Suh, MacKenna Roberts, Benjamin Davies, Rafael Pinedo - Villanueva, Karolina Wartolowska, Kelly Rooke, Anneke Kramm, Andrew Judge, Mark Morrey, Amit Chandra, Hannah Hurley, Liam Grover, Ian Bingham, Bernard Siegel, Matt S. Rattley, R. Lee Buckler, David McKeon, Katie Krumholz, Lilian Hook, Michael May, Sarah Rikabi, Rosie Pigott, Megan Morys, Afsie Sabokbar, Emily Titus, Yacine Laabi, Gilles Lemaitre, Raymond Zahkia, Doug Sipp, Robert Horne, Christopher Bravery, David Williams, Ivan Wall, Evan Y. Snyder, Jeffrey M. Karp, Richard W. Barker, Kim Bure, Andrew J. Carr, and Brock Reeve 

PAS 83:2012, Developing human cells for clinical applications in the European Union and the United States of America. Guide.
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"Standards Can Help Bring Cell Therapy Products to Market"
Ben Sheridan, Glyn Stacey, Alison Wilson, Patrick Ginty, Christopher Bravery, Damian Marshall
BioProcess International, Vol. 10, No. 4, April 2012, pp. 18–21

"Guest editorial - Risk, GMP and hospital exemptions"
The Regulatory Rapporteur, Volume 8, Issue 7, July/August 2011

Chapter 19: A Catalyst for Change. Regulating Regenerative Medicines in Europe. November 2010
Christopher A, Bravery, PhD

Publications contributed to

PAS 157:2015, Evaluation of Materials of biological origin used in the production of cell-based medicinal products: Guide.
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PAS 84:2012, Cell therapy and Regenerative medicine glossary. 
PAS 93:2011 Characterization of human cells for clinical applications. Guide 
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